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Bioline AR-FFFP  Avalanche is a high efficiency multipurpose alcohol resistant film forming fluoro protein foam  concentrate. Bioline AR-FFFP  is a liquid based on environmentally friendly natural protein and does not contain any polymer that makes general AR type foam concentrates viscous. Its high fluidity makes the induction easier and accurate through both portable and fixed inline proportioners even at extremely low temperatures . The advantage of Bioline AR-FFFP is the 3% induction ratio on all class B fires including polar solvents in fresh or seawater. The low surface tension of the water foam concentrate solution enables the aqueous film, although heavier than the burning liquid, to float on top of the hydrocarbon fuel surface. The specially selected fluorocarbon surfactants ’seal’ the bubbles against attack from polar solvents and also provide a highly effective floating foam layer on top of the polar solvents.

Appearance : Brown liquid
Density (20 C0) : 1.12 ( + 0.04 ) g/ml
Viscosity (20 C0) : < 100 Cp
pH (20 C0) : 6 - 9.5
Mixing ratio with water : % 3 - % 6
Sea-water availability : Available
Available Fire Class : A-B
PACKAGING Sizes Weight (Kg) Color Hoard
20 Liter Plastic Drum  29x38x25  1 Blue-Red  Maximum 2
25 Liter Plastic Drum  32x40x27  1,1 Blue-Red  Maximum 2
30 Liter Plastic Drum  36x39x29  1,28 Blue-Red  Maximum 2
 220 Liter Plastic Drum  58x93  9 Blue   Maximum 2
1000 Liter IBC  120x116x100  70 White  Maximum 2